Arrabon Strategic Plan


Arrabon House uses the process of Developmental Evaluation to develop their Strategic Plan.

Through regular ongoing review the strategic directions are kept alive within the agency and become a part of the culture. The actual evaluation, from a “developmental evaluation” perspective, has been implemented both on an on-going and yearly basis through the development of the Operational Plan.

The operational plan ensures that all of the strategic directions are implemented and outcomes measured. This organizational reflective process ensures the concept of evaluation is central in the agency’s functioning, thereby encouraging the creation of a learning environment not dependent upon a yearly formality.   Therefore both the strategic plan and the operational plan are living documents that are updated and revised to achieve quality assurance.

In June of 2014, the Arrabon community developed the following Strategic Directions to lead the agency over the next 4 years.

Strategic Direction #1

To build a cohesive internal community to align with our vision, mission and values.

By:   a) Developing a communication plan
b) Enhancing staff development

Strategic Direction #2

To further develop our community relations with key external stakeholders.

By: a) Developing a public relations plan
b) Expanding resource development

Strategic Direction #3

To deliver quality treatment empowering clients to grow to their full potential.

By: a) Identifying essential skill sets (mental health and life skills)
b) Enabling each youth to graduate from high school and encourage continued education.

Strategic Direction #4

To align our organizational structure with the evolution of Ontario’s Mental Health Sector.

By: a) Receiving accreditation by December 2017.
b) Implementing CYSIS to collect and analyze data