Our Board

  • Kira Froese, Chair – kirafroese@gmail.com
  • Caitlin Cohen, Vice Chair
  • Jay Charnalia, Treasurer
  • Lucy Gudgeon, Secretary
  • Anne Connelly
  • Mebruka Mohammed
  • Leigh Naturkach
  • Emilia Pacholec
  • Kim Schofield

Our Staff

staff-photo-webKaren Prosper, Executive Director
Catherine Ellis-Dobson, Assistant Director/Intake Worker/TCI Trainer
Wendy Curnew-Harris, Addictions Worker, Student/volunteer Coordinator
Daisy McIntosh, Child and Youth Worker
Elizabeth Logie, Social Service Worker
Georgina Spataro, Hope for Youth Supervisor
Deirdre Caroll, MSW/Hope for Youth Worker/ Lanthier Mentor

Kimberly Cooley, CYW/Hope for Youth Worker


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